Episode 24 – Toronto Indie Guys Podcast

Hosts: Arthur Marris, Max Brown

Date Recorded: 19/07/2012

After a 4 month absence, Arthur & Max are back in episode 24. Did you remember the IGF awards we predicted in February? They talk about the results, Gamercamp 2012 (LV4), the IGDA Comedy Night, experiences at TOJam 7, and Girls/Ladies Learning Code. Dyad was released recently, a game made in Toronto – we’ll be talking more about that next episode! Special shout-out to Trios’ game development class from Arthur, over half their class attended TOJam 7!

The IGDA Toronto Comedy night is at 6:30pm on Thursday July 19th at the Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor St. West – Toronto. It’s FREE but a $5 donation for the performers is encouraged.

BigPants Games (Jim & Em McGinley)

Organizations mentioned
IGDA Toronto (Comedy Night)
Girls Learning Code
Ladies Learning Code
Gamercamp 2012

Games mentioned
Dear Esther


Music: Deadmau5 – “Hi Friend (feat. Mc Flipside (Instrumental Mix)”, “Bot”, and “Word Problems”.


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Max and Arthur @ TO Jam 7


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Episode 23 – Toronto Indie Guys Podcast

Hosts: Arthur Marris, Max Brown

Date Recorded: 02/08/2012

In episode 23, Arthur & Max bring Damian Sommer, Alexander Martin, & Chris De Carteret on the show to talk about the 2012 independent games festival finalists. We discuss nominations, predictions & the competition overall. For this episode, we have a short & a long version. The long version has much more discussion and in-depth knowledge on the games, while the short episode only has predictions.

If anyone has any Move controllers; we’re very interested in doing a Joust tournament at George Brown College.


Damian Sommer (Twitter, Website)
Alexander Martin (Twitter, Website)
Chris De Carteret (Twitter)
Organizations mentioned
Games Developer Conference
Independent Games Festival
Games mentioned
IGF 2012 Finalists




Music: Mind.in.a.box – “R.E.T.R.O” & “Revelations”

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Episode 22 – Toronto Indie Guys Podcast

Hosts: Arthur Marris, Max Brown

Date Recorded: 02/03/2012

In this episode Arthur & Max interview Cale Bradbury & Zoë Quinn from ‘OMG Bee’s’, a new indie games studio located in Toronto. Learn how they got involved within the community, and how their new studio came to “bee“. They’re in the process of creating a really neat game for mobile devices, something to do with mixing drinks. We also talk about Zoë’s involvement with Dames Making Games, and The Difference Engine Initiative. Have a listen & we hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for their upcoming kickstarter!!

Show Notes

OMG Bee’s

Persons mentioned
Zoë Quinn (Twitter, Website)
Cale Bradbury(Twitter,Website)
Cecily Carver (Twitter, Website)

Organizations mentioned
Dames Making Games
Hand Eye Society (Difference Engine Initiative)
Bento Miso
Site 3 coLaboratory

Games mentioned
Analogue: A Hate Story
Binding of Isaac

Music: Blocks That Matter OST by Morusque

P.S. Don’t forget about D-PAD & Inspiration from the Trash: The TRS-80’s Lost Game Designs (Toronto Skillswap) this Friday. Games from JAMuary will be shown at D-PAD.

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Difference Engine Games Available

Something we forgot to mention in our January update is that all the Difference Engine Initiative games are available online. You’ve might have played them last month at some events, but now’s your chance to try them all. Thanks to The Hand Eye Society for providing all the links.

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January Update

At the moment, the Toronto Indie Guys are in the process of getting new, and much better equipment for recording. Don’t fret, we’ll be posting some awesome interviews in the next few weeks, including some of Toronto’s most interesting game devs. In the meantime, since it’s getting kinda cold out lately, here’s a quick list of events happening throughout the month’s of January, February, and March.

We also recommend checking out Interactive Services Directory, a website dedicated to providing information on interactive studios in Ontario, include Toronto, Ottawa, London, & the Niagara Region. They also have a spot for upcoming events, including JAMuary, & D-PAD.

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Art Jam – Friday January 13th

When: January 13th 6 – 9pm

Where: 333 King St E, Floor 5

Who: Toronto SkillSwap

What: Artjam, an all media jam session in which you have 3 hours to make something. It can be anything: games, music, digital or traditional art, clay, writing, movies, etc. It’s up to your imagination! Highly recommend checking out this event if you’re feeling rather artistic this week. It’s open to everyone, and the space is available. If you’re doing something messy like paint or clay, please bring something to cover your work area like newspaper or a drop cloth.

Why: Do we need to actually explain this question?

Here’s the Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/197315640356258/?ref=ts



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