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Quick Cast EP 1 – Toronto Indie Guys Podcast

Hosts: Arthur Marris, Max Brown

We’re doing something a bit different today folks! Unfortunately, Troy Morrissey couldn’t make a guest appearance on the show last night; therefore we decided to record a quick episode at our local A&W restaurant. This is EP1 of the ‘Quick Cast’ series, where Arthur and Max have Matthew Sugrim, and Tim Nguyen on the show to talk Fez, Retro City Rampage, Honkra, Nidhogg, and numerous events COMING UP! This was recorded just after the Gamercamp Magazine launch, which was fantastic!

Here’s a short-list to all events listed:

Digifest (Discount code: 25GBC2012)
Toronto After Dark Film Festival
Gamercamp 2012
Classical Art Techniques for Video Game Design
Mega Mortem
Playing For Keeps: Diversity In Video Games panel discussion

Date Recorded: 16/10/2012



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