Episode 26 – Toronto Indie Guys Podcast

Hosts: Arthur Marris, Max Brown

Episode 26 has Alex Bethke (@MrAlexBethke) on the show to talk everything TOJam 2012, Toronto After Darkcade, and Golden Gear Games. Over the years, he’s had a huge influence on the Toronto game development community – learn how it all started with Golden Gear Games! Unfortunately we couldn’t have the other half of Golden Gear – Andrew Traviss (@andrewtraviss) on the show. He was one of the core participants, and founders of TOJam. You’ll hear him on an episode soon! Golden Gear Games extended it’s programming services to two games released recently: Mr. Dreamer, and WorldAlpha Sniper.

Check out Alex Bethke at the next Toronto Skillswap event this Friday: Staying Afloat, Staying Alive, A Panel Discussion.

Date Recorded: 09/09/2012

Persons Mentioned
Andrew Traviss
Ryan Creighton
Troy Darc
Matthew Reed
Matthew Sugrim
Miguel Sternberg
Andrew Pilkiw
Matt Hammill
Samantha Fraser
Michael Todd
Lesley Phord-Toy
Cale Bradbury
Jim McGinley
Jaime Woo

Organizations/Events/Companies Mentioned
TOJam 2012
IGDA Toronto
Adventure Time Game Jam
Toronto Global Game Jam
Toronto Skillswap
Spooky Squid Games
Social Game Universe
Toronto After Dark Film Festival
Bento Miso
HRD Coffee Shop

Games Mentioned
They Bleed Pixels
Night of the Cephalopods : Co-op Cottage Defence
WorldAlpha Sniper


Music:  Pixel Junk – Eden Original Soundtrack

  1. Podcast Interview: Toronto Indie Guys « Golden Gear Inc.

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